What Is Zzo

Creation is a practice. A process and mentality. Creation starts with a thought that was simply fueled by a desire because of an unfulfilled possibility. Creation is a spark. The beginning of tomorrow’s forms of expression.

Humans create to express. Humans express to live and to advance. Here on earth, this is my realm. This is where I create. I am a certain type of creator. I am not THE creator.

There are different forms of creation. Different motives and different outcomes. I am the creator of my expression… human with a conscious thought. I am in this realm, on this plane, because of my conscious thought. Enough belief mixed in with the very nature of my kind is an activation of a formless substance, which ultimately creates what I need to express.

Because nature’s existence is the development of life, I am living God of creation. Here on Earth. I AM HUMAN


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